Major Activities

·         Raise the awareness and promote the universal education in risk and crisis management;

·        Promote the social responsibility in terms of “managing the behaves both individually or organizationally, and caring about the potential risk impact on our society”;

·         Serve as a bridge to enhance the communication among bodies of potential risk sufferers, risk management professionals and policy makers;

·         Promote the application of new techniques and innovative solutions of risk management in Asia;

·         Support and facilitate the construction of appropriate risk management models particularly in the Greater China region;

·         Pay a close attention on the professional development in China; help those organizations in China to adapt the international rules of law in a faster pace; Provide risk assessment service to those organizations for helping their decision making process in some investment-related topics both internally  and externally ;

·         Participate in the academic research and scholarly discussion related to public risk and crisis management in Asia;

·         Establish professional benchmarks and promote proper professional ethics;

·         Promote the training and examination system for the program of “Certified Enterprise Risk Manager” ;

·         Provide various consultant services in risk and crisis management;

·         Exchange information and establish collaboration with other risk management associations and organizations in the world;

·         Organize forums, meetings and scholarly discussions for the members to help update their knowledge and information;

·         Establish “Risk Management Foundation” to support the development of innovative technologies and solutions in risk and crisis management in Asia and to award the outstanding individuals and organizations who make significant contributions in the field.